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Don’t just take our word for it..

Thank you so much Michelle for my ‘new legs’. I would never have believed, without experiencing it, what a difference you could make to my legs and my running. I thought I would give a massage a try as I had a couple of little niggles. After the first massage not only did the niggles disappear, my legs felt completely different – so much lighter, even though I hadn’t been aware that they’d been feeling heavy!!!Subsequent massages have given me the best half marathon I have done. People actually commented on how fresh I looked at the end. I put this down to my legs being in much better condition than ever before. A regular massage is now part of my running programme. Thank you again.

Bobbie, Stafford

I was suffering from an ongoing calf injury from running, I’d tried resting it for several weeks, but it just wasn’t getting any better, so I booked an appointment with Michelle at MD Sports Massage and after just one session, drinking lots of water (as recommended) and resting it for a couple of days, it was completely better. I now have regular massages with MD Sports Massage as a precaution and each time I feel refreshed and ready to run a marathon.

Julie, Stafford

I recently visited md sports massage for a back, shoulder and arm massage as I was in a lot of pain. Michelle was very welcoming and genuinely concerned. The massage was excellent and Michelle was very informative and not clock watching at all. She was solely interested in doing a good job, going over the allotted time scale. The massage was excellent value for money and I would not hesitate to return if I feel the need for any further massages.

Helen, Stafford

Having suffered an injury and spending a whole night climbing the walls I gave Michelle and Drew a call after I had been seen by a Doctor. Within the hour I was being seen by Drew who worked my injury for well over an hour. I got some great advise while he was working on my back about how to prevent any more injuries and how to go about building my way back to running. He also explained how my body works while exercising which I find really useful now.

I can’t thank Drew enough for his expertise and patience with me; I felt amazing from the minute I walked away and shall always return for not only injury but for a sports massage to keep me in top shape.

Ellen, Staffordshire

In August 2012 I sustained a calf injury while playing football. I lived with this injury for two months and each time I tried running the pain would always return. A colleague of mine recommended MD Sports Massage Therapy and after just one treatment I noticed a big improvement and was able to start playing football again. Since then I have had no injuries and wouldn’t hesitate to return for some more treatments should the need arise.

Kevin, Staffs

I have been running regularly for over a year and as many runners have the traditional aches and pains that come with that. After a while though I became aware that I just didn’t feel right after running and seemed to pick up more low level injuries than usual. In fact after working as a teacher all day and then coming home to a young child with special medical needs I also felt fraught, lethargic, achy and always had a headache. I made an appointment with Michelle and she took a record of my ‘niggles’ and booked me in for a full body massage.

A relaxed professional approach in comfortable ambient surroundings soon put me at ease, I could have had this treatment at home but I chose to go to Michelle’s house. Michelle worked on massaging my aches and pains away, whilst assessing my needs and talking me through each procedure. She immediately picked upon my headaches and the area of stress responsible for it as well as realigning crucial ligaments and muscles in my body. I left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and looking forward to having another one.

Additionally, for someone who was plagued with headaches I didn’t have a single one for over a month and slept far better than I had in ages! Would I recommend them? Without a doubt!

Claire, Stafford

Just before Christmas I was experiencing quite severe pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders and Drew agreed to see me, at very short notice, on a Sunday morning. He worked very hard to release the muscles which were causing the pain and although it was painful he was always careful to keep it to a level I could cope with. By the time I left him I was sore, a little like the ache associated with exercise, and this remained the same for a couple of days,but the painful stiffness was gone. Over the next two to three days there was a great improvement in mobility.

I would recommend and commend Drew to anyone. He is a really nice man, very professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he does.

Glenda, Staffordshire

Can highly recommend this sports massage service. I wasn’t sure what to expect having never had a sports massage before so therefore felt slightly apprehensive. However, I was put entirely at ease and very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the service. I have a long-standing problem with “runners” knee which after one session with Drew has not returned. However, I now have a problem with the other knee and am going for a massage tonight in order to try and sort this knee out.

Overall very impressed and I know the service comes with very high recommendations from other runners.

Ruth, Stafford