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Before and after

What you should wear for your treatment.

Ladies: Please bring  or wear something suitable for us to see you in. If we need you to remove your bra to get access to your back, you will be covered with a towel at all times please be assured that your modesty is paramount, with this in mind we will always leave the room whilst you change.   Loose fitting running shorts are preferable to track pants or cycling shorts as these restrict access to your thighs so are not suitable.

Gents: You are welcome to wear Briefs, boxers or shorts, however loose fitting running shorts are the ideal item to wear and as stated above please do not bring cycling shorts or track pants.

Making sure you are well hydrated.

is an important aspect of any successful treatment.  Please ensure that you are well hydrated before your session and make sure you drink at least 500mls straight after, with another 500mls before bed. Try to avoid any substances that may dehydrate you before and after your massage such as caffeine, alcohol etc.